Current Conditions       12/23/14 9:00 AM ICT
24° Hi 23° | Lo 17° Partly Cloudy
  • Feels Like: 24°
  • Sunrise: 6:16 AM
  • Wind: NNE at 24kmph
  • Sunset: 5:43 PM
  • Humidity: 69%
  • UV Index: 3 - Moderate
Mostly Cloudy
Humidity 62%
Wind N 12 kmph
Lo 24° | Hi 33°
PM T-Storms
Wednesday, 24 Dec
Lo 24° | Hi 33°
PM T-Storms
Wednesday, 24 Dec Night      
T-Storms Early
Humidity 78%
Wind NNE 9 kmph
Thursday, 25 Dec
Lo 23° | Hi 32°
PM T-Storms
Thursday, 25 Dec Night      
T-Storms Early
Humidity 86%
Wind N 8 kmph
Friday, 26 Dec
Lo 23° | Hi 33°
PM T-Storms
Friday, 26 Dec Night      
Humidity 85%
Wind NNE 8 kmph
Saturday, 27 Dec
Lo 23° | Hi 33°
P Cloudy
Saturday, 27 Dec Night      
Mostly Clear
Humidity 81%
Wind ENE 9 kmph
Sunday, 28 Dec
Lo 22° | Hi 33°
P Cloudy
Sunday, 28 Dec Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 66%
Wind NE 14 kmph
Monday, 29 Dec
Lo 20° | Hi 31°
M Sunny
Monday, 29 Dec Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 67%
Wind NNE 12 kmph
Tuesday, 30 Dec
Lo 19° | Hi 30°
P Cloudy
Tuesday, 30 Dec Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 65%
Wind NNE 11 kmph
Wednesday, 31 Dec
Lo 21° | Hi 30°
P Cloudy
Wednesday, 31 Dec Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 62%
Wind N 9 kmph

Cambodia weather Overview

Cambodia features one of the simplest weather patterns all year round in the Asian region. The winter season stretches from November to February every year and this time is also known as the cool and dry season in the country. With Cambodia located in Southeast Asia’s tropical zone the country enjoys a tropical monsoon climate year around. The temperature levels remain between temperate and hot through the year with typical weather conditions subjected to annual monsoon cycles dividing the wet and dry seasons.  During winter time average midday temperatures favor mid 20° C points with a tendency to drop below 20°C during the night times. Monsoon showers linger through the months of October and early November. However, towards the end of November the weather turns into a cool and dry atmosphere making it the ideal time for vacationing in the country.

Northern parts in Cambodia typically experience much colder winters in comparison to the south. However, temperature levels remain fairly constant throughout most parts of the country. Fairly regular nomadic flooding is seen mostly in Phnom Penh and the rest of Cambodia during late July and the beginning of August disrupting the regular number of visitors to the country. The dry season continues through March to May with sporadic and very brief showers experienced during this time. River levels are very low during the dry season making ferry and boat travelling rather complicated. September to early November is the cool and wet season.

Cambodia Weather by Month