With a typically tropical climate featuring both wet and dry seasons and little variations in the seasonal temperature, Krakor is an area in Cambodia that can be visited around the seasons. Especially with comparatively low temperature levels prevailing all year round, Krakor has become a favored destination among the visitors.  Krakor has a warm and humid temperature level remaining mostly constant across the year. During monsoon season the brisk and heavy rainfall facilitates cultivation of many varieties of crops and the lush Greenland free of dust and pollution makes it an ideal time to visit Krakor if you are willing to brave the unexpected heavy showers during the day.

Cambodia being a country free of natural disasters like earthquakes or erupting volcanoes also has the advantage of being a travel destination for any time of the year. However, those who are planning to travel mostly by road are advised to avoid the peak rainy season as some of the countryside roads can become impassable due to nomadic flooding. Average temperature levels remain around 27°C with a potential minimum temperature of about 16°C. December and January are typically the coolest months of the year while April is regarded as the hottest month. The wet season is the best time to travel if you are planning to see Cambodia travelling on the boat, especially the boat trip starting in Siem Reap and continuing up to Battambang is sure to leave lasting memories among any visitor to the country as it is known as one of the most stunning and picturesque boat trips in the country.

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