Phnom Penh characterizes an eclectic blend of Asian Exotica, unique Cambodian hospitality and irresistible Indochinese charisma. Visitors can opt to travel this beguiling travel destination at any point of the year though the very best times for visiting Phnom Penh are typically during the months of December and January when the weather is perfect. Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia as well as the commercial, political and economic hub of the country. The town is built at the converging point of four rivers and it reflects a temperate tropical climate. The rainy season which last from May to October is comparatively hotter in this location than the dry season which is a little cooler falling between November and April.

There is very little variation however, in the daily average temperature levels in Phnom Penh across all the months of the year. During the monsoon season there are varying levels of rainfall but they contain mostly of showers instead of rain storms. During the peak rainy season from May to September travelers are advised to plan their daily itineraries avoiding being out during mid-afternoon when the town is more likely to experience short but intense spells of rain. However, the rainy season is not taken out of the recommended time for travelling Phnom Penh as during this time the countryside is especially beautiful with an abundance of greenery in every nook and corner.   From February to March the temperature levels are high with uncomfortable humidity levels. Visits during this time of the year should be planned carefully to restrict unnecessary exposure to the scorching heat.

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