Siem Reap can be visited at any time during the year including the rainy season when weather in this location is never considered as severe as in other countries in South Asian region. Irrespective of the weather condition in Siem Reap travelers can always enjoy their visits to the nearby beautiful Angkor temples. January is typically known as the best month for visiting Siem Reap as it is the coolest month of the year with no rain.  February is the busiest tourist month in Siem Reap at this time is considered as the peak high season. Weather is at near perfect levels with a cool climate, clear blue skies and amazing picturesque sunrises and sunsets. Angkor temples feature high traffic during this time of the year. March is another pleasant month for visiting with the climate remaining quite cool. The sky however, becomes partly cloudy by this time of the year.

By April, weather in Siem Reap turn quite hot and humid but still you can visit the Angkor temples if you plan to avoid the sunniest time of the day when the heat is intense and unbearable. May marks the beginning of monsoon rains but still it is a good time to visit Siem Reap, especially for those who like to enjoy their surroundings without being jostled by heavy traffic. May is also the start of the harvesting season in the country. Temperatures start rising by June. As the temperature is still bearable this is a perfect time for taking in the picturesque rain washed attractions in the area. July and August the temperatures remain hot. However, since the rainy season has not reached its peak as yet this is a good time to visit Siem Reap especially, for families with school children on summer vacation. September is the wettest month of the year but if you are willing to brave a little rain this is the best time to experience Cambodia and Siem Reap in its lush green glory and to take in the delightful Angkor temples in the best peaceful manner. The cool and wet October gives way to a pleasanter climate during November and December which are generally regarded as peak tourist times in Siem Reap.  

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