Despite an all pervading heat across the year, Sihanoukville is a holiday destination that can be visited across the year. Though most travelers prefer to avoid visiting the beaches during rainy season which last from May to October there are many excellent photo opportunities to take advantage of if you are planning to visit the Angkor Wat temples, the lush greenery of the countryside and the full moats. The dry season falling between November and April are generally crowded with tourists. The best time to visit Sihanoukville is the time between hot and dry months which is October and November when there is no debilitating heat effects or frequent bouts of rain showers. Heat lovers tend to flock to Sihanoukville during December and January to take advantage of the bearable heat and sunshine.

With its laid back beach location, Sihanoukville is world famous as a perfect destination for an invigorating break in your Indochina travel itinerary. Despite the two highlighted weather seasons there are tourists lingering in Sihanoukville across any time of the year as they conclude an exhilarating journey across Cambodia by taking a break on the refreshing beach. There are little variations in the temperature during the different seasons. Humidity point reaches extreme levels during the months of March and April so you may want to plan your tour to Sihanoukville around October and December when the air is much cooler offering better comfort levels. The temperatures are on average on the low side from November to February in this part of the country.

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