Sihanoukville Weather conditions       11/18/17 4:30 PM ICT
36°C Hi 30°C | Lo 25°C Fair
  • Feels Like: 36°C
  • Sunrise: 6:02 AM
  • Wind: WSW at 11kmph
  • Sunset: 5:40 PM
  • Humidity: 74%
  • UV Index: 1 - Low
T-Storms T-Storms
Humidity 85%
Wind CALM calm kmph
T-Storms Lo 26°C | Hi 28°C
Sunday, 19 Nov
T-Storms Lo 26°C | Hi 28°C
Sunday, 19 Nov Night      
Showers Showers
Humidity 83%
Wind NNW 12 kmph
Monday, 20 Nov
Rain Lo 26°C | Hi 28°C
Monday, 20 Nov Night      
Showers Showers
Humidity 86%
Wind SE 14 kmph
Tuesday, 21 Nov
AM Showers Lo 26°C | Hi 30°C
AM Showers
Tuesday, 21 Nov Night      
Rain / Thunder Rain / Thunder
Humidity 83%
Wind SE 16 kmph
Wednesday, 22 Nov
Sct T-Storms Lo 26°C | Hi 29°C
Sct T-Storms
Wednesday, 22 Nov Night      
T-Storms T-Storms
Humidity 83%
Wind WNW 9 kmph
Thursday, 23 Nov
Sct T-Storms Lo 26°C | Hi 30°C
Sct T-Storms
Thursday, 23 Nov Night      
Scattered T-Storms Scattered T-Storms
Humidity 80%
Wind W 11 kmph
Friday, 24 Nov
Few Showers Lo 26°C | Hi 30°C
Few Showers
Friday, 24 Nov Night      
Showers Showers
Humidity 77%
Wind NNE 14 kmph
Saturday, 25 Nov
PM Showers Lo 26°C | Hi 30°C
PM Showers
Saturday, 25 Nov Night      
Showers Early Showers Early
Humidity 79%
Wind NNE 16 kmph
Sunday, 26 Nov
PM T-Storms Lo 26°C | Hi 31°C
PM T-Storms
Sunday, 26 Nov Night      
T-Storms Early T-Storms Early
Humidity 81%
Wind ENE 16 kmph

Sihanoukville Weather - Cambodia

Cambodia’s premier beach holiday destination is Sihanoukville. The whole area features miles of white sandy beaches, warm tropical air and breathtaking islands. This part of the country is also identified as the prime travel hub of Southern Cambodia’s coastal towns including Kamport, Koh Kong and Kep. Sihanoukville mostly enjoys an uncomplicated weather year round. As the country has an equal altitude and latitude located in the South point of Indochina Peninsula within the Southeast Asian region, Cambodia enjoys a typical tropical climate and is subjected to monsoonal seasons.

The two distinct seasons in Sihanoukville are the wet season and dry season. The dry season is from November to April when the temperature levels peak around the high points of 40°C while during the wet season between May and October the temperatures are relatively cool amidst higher humidity points. September and October are the wettest months in Sihanoukville with moist winds blasting out of the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Thailand resulting in brisk and heavy showers. However, the rain is mostly limited to mid afternoon times and lasts for no more than a couple of hours. January and February are contrastingly the driest months of the year. The temperature levels drop to relatively cool elements ranging around 25°C during the monsoon season.  

Sihanoukville Weather by month