The cool season starts in the month of November and the weather is extremely pleasant. The sun is out in the sky and yet it is not at all hot. The temperature in Cambodia drops down to less than 25°C in this month of the year. With the sun in the sky and the clear skies the weather has all the qualities that one would label extremely pleasurable.  There is no rain at all in this month of the year.

The sea water again becomes perfect for swimming and the enjoyable sun makes it perfect for the people to go out and enjoy the cool days with the evenings that have a light breeze in the air. As the year nears towards its end the best time of the year begins in Cambodia as the weather turns better than ever. The day might not be that long but there are still considerable hours of sunshine.

Cambodia Weather of top cities in November

City Name Temperature (° C) Humidity (%) Wind Speed (mph) Precip (inch)
Max Avg Min Max Avg Min Max Avg Min
Krakor 2 3 -6 87 63 55 17 10 5 2.93
Siem Reap 2 6 -7 92 61 53 17 10 3 6.68
Sihanoukville 2 6 -4 78 68 61 32 17 3 6.70
Phnom Penh 2 4 -6 95 57 38 24 14 5 4.04

Cambodia Weather by Month