The cool and dry season is generally identified as the most idyllic period to be vacationing in Cambodia, especially the months of December and January which features the finest climatic conditions in the country. January is characterized by warm days with clear blue skies while there is hardly any rain in February. The cool evenings and light breeze flowing through Sihanoukville makes it an idyllic beach holiday destination during this time. Siem Reap is also filled with tourists during this period as the days are very pleasant for visiting nearby temples. While most travelers generally avoid holiday destinations in the Southeast Asian region during the wet season, Cambodia in contrast offers a most magical travel hot spot even during the peak rainy season. The Angkor temples take on a very striking and picturesque look during the rainy season. With humidity points at very comfortable levels November is a great time to visit the historical temples in Cambodia if you are willing to put up with a bit of wetness in the atmosphere.

The two distinct seasons are from October to April describing a dry and hot weather while May to late September reflects the wet season. March to April leads up to the wet season while May and June are typically the hottest months of the year with temperature potentially leading above 35°C at certain times of the day. The advantages of travelling during the monsoonal time are absence of dust and being able to bask in the glorious lush greenery dotting the countryside. The coolest months of the year are from October to December with temperatures averaging between 24°C and 26°C.

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