Siem Reap Weather conditions       11/18/17 4:30 PM ICT
37°C Hi 32°C | Lo 22°C Partly Cloudy
  • Feels Like: 37°C
  • Sunrise: 6:05 AM
  • Wind: NNE at 4kmph
  • Sunset: 5:35 PM
  • Humidity: 55%
  • UV Index: 0 - Low
T-Storms T-Storms
Humidity 86%
Wind CALM calm kmph
T-Storms Lo 22°C | Hi 31°C
Sunday, 19 Nov
T-Storms Lo 22°C | Hi 31°C
Sunday, 19 Nov Night      
T-Showers T-Showers
Humidity 91%
Wind ENE 6 kmph
Monday, 20 Nov
Rain Lo 22°C | Hi 28°C
Monday, 20 Nov Night      
Rain Rain
Humidity 95%
Wind NE 12 kmph
Tuesday, 21 Nov
Showers Lo 22°C | Hi 31°C
Tuesday, 21 Nov Night      
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Humidity 91%
Wind E 11 kmph
Wednesday, 22 Nov
PM T-Storms Lo 22°C | Hi 31°C
PM T-Storms
Wednesday, 22 Nov Night      
Scattered T-Storms Scattered T-Storms
Humidity 88%
Wind NNE 4 kmph
Thursday, 23 Nov
P Cloudy Lo 20°C | Hi 31°C
P Cloudy
Thursday, 23 Nov Night      
Showers Early Showers Early
Humidity 83%
Wind NE 9 kmph
Friday, 24 Nov
PM Showers Lo 20°C | Hi 30°C
PM Showers
Friday, 24 Nov Night      
Showers Early Showers Early
Humidity 83%
Wind NNE 9 kmph
Saturday, 25 Nov
P Cloudy Lo 21°C | Hi 31°C
P Cloudy
Saturday, 25 Nov Night      
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Humidity 88%
Wind NNE 8 kmph
Sunday, 26 Nov
P Cloudy Lo 22°C | Hi 32°C
P Cloudy
Sunday, 26 Nov Night      
Showers Early Showers Early
Humidity 91%
Wind NE 9 kmph

Siem Reap Weather - Cambodia

Siem Reap in Cambodia is characterized by a savanna climate including dry winters during the year. The temperature usually ranges between 21°C and 35°C over the course of a year. During the warm season which is during April and May the temperature can potentially reach above 37°C. April is the hottest month of the year while 19th of April is typically regarded as the hottest day of any year in Siem Reap. The cold season begins during mid September and continue up to late January a time when average daily temperatures are recorded below 31°C. January 3rd is typically the coldest day of the year when the average temperature falls below 21°C. The day length is not consistent throughout a year to December 21st being the shortest day featuring 11:21 daylight hours and June 20th, the longest featuring 12:55 daylight hours.

The sky remains mostly clear or partly cloudy across the year with median cloud cover ranging between 40% and 67%. Precipitation occurs in the forms of light to moderate rain and thunderstorms.  Relative humidity point ranges between 41% indicating comfortable days and 91% on very humid days over the course of the year. The air is very dry during early February with humidity dropping below 46% and the days are very comfortable during this time. Humidity reaches high points during October. The dew point fluctuates between 16°C and 25°C indicating comfortable and oppressive conditions across the year.

Siem Reap Weather by month