With the starting of the year Cambodia experiences the best weather condition of the year in this month. The weather is cool in this month with a temperature of 26°C. The skies are blue and there are low chances of any kind of rain. The weather in January is one of the most enjoyable one and this is the time of the year when the most tourists visit this country because of the excellent weather. 

The days are longer and clear with cloudless skies. Not only that but viewing the faraway sights and other things are suited best in this kind weather. The days are warm and cool making the weather extremely comfortable, while the evenings have a cool breeze. The beaches at this time of the year are highly suited for people; the water is lukewarm and the light wind cools, making it the just the thing time to enjoy.

Cambodia Weather of top cities in January

City Name Temperature (° C) Humidity (%) Wind Speed (mph) Precip (inch)
Max Avg Min Max Avg Min Max Avg Min
Phnom Penh 3 1 -8 48 36 27 23 14 4 0.00
Krakor 1 -1 -9 52 44 32 17 10 5 0.00
Siem Reap 2 2 -10 50 42 31 22 11 2 0.00
Sihanoukville 1 1 -6 72 58 39 27 18 2 0.06

Cambodia Weather by Month