With the starting of the month of June, the monsoon season reaches its peak in Cambodia. There are rain and showers all around the country in almost all days of the month. In spite of the fact that there is heavy rain and the temperature also drops down to almost 28°C, the general atmosphere still remains hot. This is for the reason that of the fact that there is too much humidity in the air. The rain does not occur at some stage in the mornings or afternoons, but generally there are showers during the late evening at night. The mornings are still bright with the sun coming out pleasantly. The good part that comes from the side of the monsoon is that there is a lot of greenery Cambodia in June and the forthcoming months. The monsoon season and showers bring about lush grass and great sights to enjoy.

Cambodia Weather of top cities in June

City Name Temperature (° C) Humidity (%) Wind Speed (mph) Precip (inch)
Max Avg Min Max Avg Min Max Avg Min
Sihanoukville 1 8 -3 87 74 65 30 21 13 24.44
Siem Reap 3 8 -5 79 57 46 22 12 2 8.07
Krakor 4 7 -4 89 54 40 15 10 2 5.34
Phnom Penh 3 7 -4 89 55 40 21 12 3 6.04

Cambodia Weather by Month